ADHD Coaching

The focus of coaching is to help you achieve your goals, and to facilitate desired change in your life. Coaching is a powerful partnership that we design together to work for your particular needs.

In ADHD coaching, we focus on the practical aspects of your life, helping you to develop strategies to work more effectively and with less stress. We work together to take your “big picture” thoughts and ideas; to create a plan; and to execute upon it.

A coach is not a psychotherapist and works with clients on tactical, not psychological, issues. (For more on the difference between Coaching and Therapy, please see: Therapy and ADD Coaching: Similarities, Differences and Collaboration.)

Coaching is a process that evolves over time. In order to get the most benefit, you will need to commit to at least 3 months of coaching, and often the process continues for a year or more. Coaching is individualized. Depending on your needs it can be project specific or more broad-based. We may work on several areas of your life, helping you to bring more balance & fulfillment into your life.

Coaching is provided through regular weekly sessions, generally by phone or Skype. Detailed discussions enable us to develop the working plans needed to achieve goals. I will help you focus on the task at hand while keeping overall objectives in view. Check-ins between sessions on progress and challenges are strongly encouraged for accountability and continuity.

Please contact me to discuss your interest in coaching. I will be happy to spend a half hour or so discussing your needs and how we might work together, to see if there is a good fit.

Benefits of ADHD Coaching
Improves effectiveness at work and at home.
Clarifies what is truly important.
Improves self-esteem.
Better understand your ADHD - both its strengths and challenges.
Cut through confusion and resistance to create real change, and transform your life.

How Coaching Works
We design the coaching partnership together to make it powerful for you.
We clarify your values and identify goals.
Coaching conversations clarify thoughts, goals, and plans.
In dialogue the ADHD brain is more focused. This improves planning and setting priorities.
We develop strategies to improve time management and deal with procrastination.
We design structures to support focus and follow through.
I provide encouragement, concrete recommendations, constructive feedback,
and practical techniques (e.g., reminders, questions, schedule monitoring,
continued goal definition).