My Approach

I am an empathic listener with a thorough understanding of ADHD’s gifts and challenges. I know what it takes to create successful change. I am dedicated to providing effective life coaching for adults with ADHD.

Coaching is a partnership that we design together. We start where you are and move toward achieving your goals. We might work on issues of managing life with ADHD, overcoming disorganization or procrastination, a life transition, or being more effective at work, home or in relationships.

Together we clarify your goals, identify your specific strengths and challenges, and develop realistic plans for achieving desired change. We develop strategies to make decisions, get things done, and become more organized. We create structures to support focus and follow-through on plans.

I find great joy in working with creative, energetic people who are dedicated to living a life of fulfillment and balance. Many of my clients are executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, people in science and engineering, and people in corporate business.